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We connect truckers with travelers

Better quality of life, temporary or life-long companionship, and increased social connection
Inexpensive trips between cities with departure times 24/7

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Business Concept
How does it work with trucking logistics ?

On average, a single truck travels 815 miles per day in an industry that operates 24/7. THruck will allow for easy traveler pick-up and drop-off along the existing route of travel.

Who benefits ?

Everybody! Truck drivers benefit from companionship and receive a financial reimbursement for their service. Travelers benefit from inexpensive travel. Trucking companies benefit from reduced accidents and happier drivers.

Is it safe ?

Truck drivers AND travelers will be subjected to a screening process. Travelers will be covered by an insurance policy throughout the entire trip. And we can check-in with the truckers and travelers during those longer trips.

When & where do I sign up ?

Good Question! We are putting the finishing touches on our alpha-application, and we will begin testing in-house. Our beta-version will be launched on both Google Play and Apple Store, and we will use central TX as our test market | connecting San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. For now, join our mailing list for updates!



TechCrunch: Mobility

We have a virtual booth set up for TechCrunch Mobility taking place from October 5 - 7. If you are at all interested in the mobility or tech sector, it is sure to be packed full of innovation and information. Check it out and swing by our booth if you do!


How many hours truckers run in USA ?

Run 24 hours a day across the United States are like giant river streams that run around the world.


What things that traverlers will be feeling at THruck?

Make traveler loves hitchhiking at each journey we give you to the best itinerary in your destination that you want to come.

I've been pleased to work for THruck with so many wonderful workers through the years. This has been an excellent journey. I hope THruck will make you plesant when using our service.
Isaac Shin, MBA
CEO & Founder
THruck take a new journey for me, I will feel like, in my daily life, I've been had to experience such a lot. Because the journey back always unveil something new and that is ultimately good for me and THruck.
Tyler Kim, MBA
CFO & Co-Founder
I and my friends not to care so much about the difficulties will come to THruck, and simply know the growing-up process and result every day that THuck've been taken for us.
Jennifer Rangubphai, MSLC
CCMO & Co-FounderEO