We connect travelers and truckers

THruck brings a low cost, safe travel and convenient departure times to people. Moreover it will improve quality of travelers life and more routes.
It will reduce accidents in these roads. Giving drivers friends as well as increase social respondsibility and quality of truckers life.

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What Is A Successful Strategy ?
What if you could ride in the empty seat of the trucks ?

Truck is driving all day would be better with a Journey Buddy. THruck bring you to interesting path when using ourservice. Every journey at THruck is a memorable story for you.

How many miles do trucks drive per day in the United States ?

Trucks drive 815 miles a day and in 24 hours in the United State or other countries in America making you feel the most safe and faster when sitting in a truck.

Is that safe ?

Truckers have special license and riders are insured by THuck. There is a screening process for driver and riders


What You Get Using Our THruck Company’s

How about transport ?

Take traveler from A to B safely with low price and convenient. You will have comfortable when using our service

I've been pleased to work for THruck with so many wonderful workers through the years. This has been an excellent journey. I hope THruck will make you plesant when using our service.
Isaac Shin, MBA
CEO & Founder
THruck take a new journey for me, I will feel like, in my daily life, I've been had to experience such a lot. Because the journey back always unveil something new and that is ultimately good for me and THruck.
Tyler Kim, MBA
CFO & Co-Founder
I and my friends not to care so much about the difficulties will come to THruck, and simply know the growing-up process and result every day that THuck've been taken for us.
Jennifer Rangubphai, MSLC
CCMO & Co-FounderEO